How to Prepare Students in Self Contained Classrooms to Be Included in General Education


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Timothy Villegas
Guest Speaker:
Timothy Villegas
Founder, Think Inclusive & Special Educator

“My ultimate goal for the students in my classroom is that they learn, live, and play in an inclusive community. It is a privilege to teach such exceptional people.”

About the Speaker:

Tim has been teaching in special education for 12 years and is at his 8th year in Cobb County Schools. He is also the founder and curator for, a site that advocates inclusive schools and communities for everyone.

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Do you teach in a self contained special education classroom? Do you want to include your students more in general education but just don't know how? Join Tim Villegas, a veteran special educator with more than a decade of experience, as he helps you to prepare your students for more inclusive settings.

You'll Learn How To:

Identify which students will be the most successful in the general education environment
Develop a great working relationship with the general education teachers
Pre-teach concepts and establish expected behaviors for the student in order to create a positive learning experience

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