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Dan Herlihy
Guest Speaker:
Dan Herlihy
Assistive Technology Consultant, Kurzweil Education Trainer

About the Speaker:

Dan’s 30 years of experience in the education field includes working in wilderness programs for at risk students, in special education classrooms, as a computer resource specialist and network administrator, an assistive technology resource specialist, and currently as a private consultant providing training and professional development to school systems.

Watch it On-demand:

Dan reviews different ways to support digital literacy for your students, starting with what it really means to be digital literate in today’s society and how that translates to the classroom. He also demonstrates some of his favorite technologies for supporting this initiative.

Learning Objectives:

Understand what it means to be digital literate in today's society and how it applies to a student being able to work with a wide range of sources and information in multiple formats.
Get examples on the use of digital technologies in the classroom, and how they can be utilized to support digital literacy.
Discover how k3000+firefly provides supports for students to understand, read and interpret information, and utilize digital tools in a variety of technological environments to create information.


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