Graphic Organizers & Expressing Deeper Understanding

Cami Griffith

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Corey Navis
Presented by:
Corey Navis
Sr. Account Executive,
Kurzweil Education

About the Speaker:

Corey Navis, MEd; M.S. has been a 4th grade teacher, Head Administrator at Sheboygan Christian Grade School, Head of Schools at Sheboygan County Christian Grade Schools, and Headmaster for a K-12 school system. He also advised nonprofits, helping schools achieve financial viability and a strong community presence. Combining his classroom and consultancy experience, Corey joined Kurzweil Education as an account executive. He is passionate about helping students reach their full potential in the classroom.

Webinar Details:

Corey Navis will walk you through the process of gathering information, visualizing a concept, and transitioning to writing. In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to help students independently demonstrate a deeper understanding of content.

Learning objectives:

Selecting the appropriate graphic organizer
Customizing a template to fit a student’s needs
Moving from graphic organizer to "split screen view" to start writing

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