Summertime is a great time to recharge and renew—at your own pace. We lined up a variety of options to allow you to do just that. Get to know k3000 during a free webinar, take the video tour below, or watch videos about specific features in the Kurzweil Academy. You can also book back-to-school training now or request a 1:1 demo.
Free Webinar: June 21st
Karen Narvol, Kurzweil Education Trainer and AT Consultant, will guide you through the new user interface and latest web-based features. This webinar is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning about k3000 in-depth.
Master k3000 Fast!
Book group training for the summer time or in the preparation of back-to-school now. A 3-hour webinar will get your team up-to-speed with the recent updates. You can also book a 1:1 webinar for intensive training in test-taking or document prep.
Take a Video Tour of k3000
New features and enhancements, combined with a new intuitively powerful design, are impacting learning both in and outside of the classroom.
A new start screen acts as a roadmap and gets students where they need to go faster—from opening an assignment to starting a writing draft, or simply picking up where they left off.
New tabs and icons simplify pathways—offering an intuitive experience that reduces the learning curve. And the ability to customize the reading controls and toolbars lets students make k3000, and learning with it, their own.
Upgrades k3000’s ability to read text aloud (including the latest ABBYY FineReader OCR and 3 new voices) take quality up yet another notch, while additional features simplify tasks that were once arduous.
Learners—of all ages—get new ways to access text, understand and then think about what they're learning, and finally demonstrate what they have learned, all making k3000 even more powerful.


Here are some of the new features and enhancements you (and your students) will get with the latest version:

Offline mode for k3000 Web Access users
AH College Writer’s Dictionary
Cross-out text tool
Dual Zone-editing
Google Drive support
Page Range
PNG images can now be read
Resume Reading

In addition to new features, you'll find that quality has been taken up yet another notch with these enhancements:

Acapela text-to-speech voice upgrade and three new voices
Spell Check is available in Notes
Using the latest ABBYY FineReader available
Enhanced search feature for Widgit Picture Dictionary
And many, many new features and updates to the Web Application (firefly)

Contact us for additional details or call 1-800-894-5374.

Try it for youself, get a 30-Day free trial of k3000 v15 now.