Success Story: Greg Rosenbaum

Cami Griffith

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Greg Rosenblum
Guest Speaker:
Greg Rosenbaum
SXSWedu Conference & Festival

About the Speaker:

Greg is the Producer of the SXSWedu Conference & Festival and has been working on the event since its inception in 2010. As one of the newest components of the South by Southwest family of conferences and festivals, SXSWedu serves as a convergence event focused on innovations in learning. Greg oversees all aspects of the event from session programming and speaker management to marketing, logistical production, and the facilitation of subsidiary events such as the SXSWedu Launch startup competition. Greg has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for education two years in a row and was named to the Austin Monthly 20 in their 20s list.

Hear Greg's Story

Hear from Greg Rosenbaum, producer of SXSWedu, as he recalls his initial discovery of dyslexia and challenges in school. He will share his insight on tools and support services he’s used—including kurzweil 3000—speaking to the effect it had on his productivity in the final years of high school and throughout college. He will also highlight his current exciting role and some of the key trends he is seeing emerge in education.

Learning Take Aways

School supports that facilitates success
How to advocate for yourself at school
Active reading without slowing down too much
Preparation for the real world and life after school

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