What's New in Kurzweil 3000?

A new button for Speech-to-text, new Bibliography tool, and updates to the Read the Web Chrome Extension were just launched. That's not all—there have been so many changes to the web application ("firefly") that we're giving it a new name: www.kurzweil3000.com.

We know that you are very busy, get a tour of updates on what you specifically need.

Be the 168,112th

Did you know that there are 168,111 weekly users of the Google Chrome Extension? If you're not one of them, you'll want to Add the Chrome Extension now to see what you're missing. Talking dictionaries, translation, and feature locks for tests may come in useful...not to mention having the highest quality text-to-speech follow you around the internet.


Say Hello to Speech-to-Text

To add the new button, make sure your computer is updated with the latest version of Kurzweil 3000. Log in to Kurzweil 3000, then right click on your toolbar to add the Speech-to-text writing feature.

TIP: The more you use this feature the more accurate the speech recognition becomes. Take a little time using the Speech-to-text in Kurzweil 3000 to familiarize the technology with your voice.

Get Ready to Cite

A new Bibliography Tool guides learners through the citation process in both APA and MLA8 formats. Ready for the best part? Each time students open the tool, the help button on the lower right will walk them the citation step-by-step.

TRY IT NOW: Click on "Tools" in the top menu and select "Bibliography Notes." It's that easy.



Take the latest version of k3000 for a spin with a free trial. You can also contact tech@kurzweiledu.com for assistance, visit our knowledge base, or call 1-800.894.5374 between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (ET). We’re here to help!